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Largest genetic study of epilepsy 

The largest study on the genetic basis of epilepsy to date is described on the ILAE website in a popular science article (which we strongly recommend reading) along with a brief interview with the authors. The study was published last month in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics and was coordinated by ILAE.

The study involved 30,000 people with epilepsy and more than 50,000 healthy people. Our understanding of why epilepsy arises has been greatly increased by the discovery of a number of new risk genes, which may also aid in the development of novel treatments for the condition.

Original article: GWAS meta-analysis of over 29,000 people with epilepsy identifies 26 risk loci and subtype-specific genetic architecture, Nature Genetics (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41588-023-01485-w