WHO epilepsy technical brief
ILAE announces the release of a new technical brief by the World Health Organization that addresses epilepsy: “Improving the lives …
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ILAE e-Forum 16/01/2023
ILAE e-Forum webinar will be held online on January 16, 2023: Selecting the first anti-seizure medication. Registration is free. Registration …
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The Polish Society of Epileptology is the continuation of the Polish Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy. PTE is a Branch of the International Anti-Epileptic League, and closely cooperates with the International Bureau for Epilepsy. The goal of PTE is to support any initiative to help patients with epilepsy. The tasks and goals of PTE include:

Promoting knowledge
in the field of epileptology
among doctors and specialists
Deploying members in
scientific work
and social work
Contributes to the editing of
professional publications
in the field of epileptology
Issues opinions on
and organizational
concerning epileptology
Interacts with health care,
general education,
medical academies
topics related to